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Wholesale Ladies Apparel No Minimums

NO minimums, NO prepacks!

Wholesale ladies apparel with no minimums, and no prepacks, is a game changer for specialty stores, boutiques, online ladies apparel stores, and the like.

Buying wholesale ladies apparel with no minimums, and no pre-packs allows you to initiate a very effective strategy, Test & Reorder. The Test and Reorder strategy leverages the no minimum policy into a game changer for you. You can buy smaller quantities (the “test”), and then reorder the styles that are selling.

We can’t, and won’t guarantee that we will have the reorder in stock, no one can, inventory moves quickly, we know that, but when it all works together, it is a very powerful combination.

Instead of buying the same quantity of every item, you are buying small quantities initially, and only buying styles that you see interest in, or are actually selling.

This puts your money in the right place. Inventory is money, and we want to keep the money turning. Retailing is about turns, if you’re not turning your inventory over, then your money isn’t turning over either. Slow turns, or no turns can lead to a fast decline, or even worse for a retailer.