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Open Stock Apparel specializes in wholesale screen printing on mens and womens t shirts, Volume screen printinghoodies, polo shirts and more. We purchase our customize-able blank goods from all over the world buying close outs and first quality apparels. No other company has such buying power as us with procurement professionals working world wide to bring you some of the best fashions at prices that allow huge mark ups.

Choosing Wholesale Screen Printing Companies

Open Stock Apparels works with wholesale Screen Printing Companies to print and embellish over seas were prices are much lower and quality is second to none. We avoid extra shipping charges by printing all apparels on location in the same country they were procured in. Screen printing on garments from India and China require different inks to keep them authentic and preserve all customs that have been used for centuries past. We use all natural dyes and Inks made from natural ingredients such as berries and fruits to keep everything as organic and natural as possible. Using organic Non-Phosphate Inks keep our garments looking Bulk Screen Printingand feeling true to their predecessors who produced some of the worlds most spectacular garments and clothing the fashion world as ever seen. Many of our garments can be seen on the Red Carpet and at Fashion Week in New York City. All of those garments are available for purchase at our wholesale screen printing facilities. Our wholesale printed garments always have a soft feel and wear beautiful with 100 % all cotton fabric.

Wholesale Screen Printing Company with World Wide Connections

Openstock Apparel is an alternate source when looking for a  wholesale screen printing company to customize and embellish women t shirts. For ladies’ t shirt shops and boutiques to beat the enormous box stores, they require innovative answers for purchasing wholesale screen printing. We perceive that our customers require the flexibility to pick their amounts, sizes and hues. We offer extraordinary motivating forces to our customer to buy bulk screen printing in larger quantities. The more they buy, the more the save. We offer deep discount screen printing services when customers purchase at least 50 pieces of discount screen printingthe same printed garments.

Large Inventories and Fast Shipping

Our inventory is always spot on and we are always prepared to back up with an alternative style that meets or exceeds the same style of garment. Our turn around on wholesale silk screen printing is 14 days after payment. This will insure that your custom imprinted garments will hit your shelves in season and in style. We work very closely with manufacturers who carry extensive inventories who can deliver large lots with in a week of purchase.

Here at Open Stock Apparel we can advertise that our prices are the lowest in the Industry. And we can back that up with our Low Price guarantee. We do this through a very tight, stream lined operation. We work with limited over head so we are not building in cost for warehousing and storing non purchased garments. We do not use middlemen and work solely with manufacturers only. This translates to bringing our customers the very lowest priced wholesale screen printing in the industry.

Screen Printing Trends that never go out of Style

For greater than One Decade, Open Stock Apparel has actually been supplying clients with the Order Cheap Custom T Shirtsbest quality,  wholesale screen printed t shirt styles. Our company offers deep discount rates to our customers by by-passing the middle-man and passing the savings on you. From large size wholesale garments to pieces for juniors and also females, we aim to supply you the trendiest screen printing designs at the very most affordable prices.

Drop Ship Program on Wholesale Screen Printing

When it comes to wholesale screen printing women garment’s we have years of experience is procuring these types of garments. We will even drop ship for clients who need to fufill orders outside of their own facilities. This is the area we most strive for. We offer very good contracts on wholesale screen printing for business to businesses who also need blind shipping terms. Every screen printed item in our brochure is readily available on site. If our inventory cannot meet your higher demands we can ship the exact item printed with in 14 days. We will never ever earn money on extra charges or products costs. Our Set-ups, Screen Charges, and Artwork is included in the price on every order.

Product Development using Advanced Screen Printing Techniques 

Design T Shirts On LineWe have actually focused our initiatives on structured relationships with the hottest t shirt artist and vendors in the wholesale screen printing apparel world. Our customers have their finger on the style rhythm of the globe as well as hand-select each item in our compilation. We always pass our financial savings on to our clients. We are hear to help you develop your entire line of custom screen printed apparel for Men, Women, and Youth Garments.

The staff at Open Stock Apparel consistently puts our clients first and foremost and we are available to assist you in every aspect of your custom wholesale screen printing order. We only deliver 1st quality garments and never Irregular or second quality items. You will never get a discounted Screen Printing  deal through the sacrificing of less than perfect garments.

Open Stock Apparel constantly supplies the finest and Fashion Forward Garments available for the wholesale screen printing markets world wide. Some of our Wholesale Suppliers we use but are not limited to are Gildan, Polo, Jerzees Brand, Ralph Lauren,  and many more,

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